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The Bespoke 1 Year Group Mentorship Programme

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Emily and Hannah are thrilled to be releasing the next dates for this exciting and exclusive programme. The 1 year group mentorship course is not for the fainthearted and we've added EVEN MORE to the 2022/2023 programme. 

This powerful course will be fundamental to the launch or build of your equine photography business. In addition to being intense and hard work, this innovative course will give you experience, information and confidence for your photography and business. We've had many income streams into our businesses as we've grown, they have all been based on equestrian photography, but have included commercial photography, fine art, at liberty, portraiture and eventing. For the first time, we are including lessons on all of this.

"This is our fourth year of running this bespoke course and we couldn't be happier watching our past delegates gain momentum, clients and confidence with their new businesses. We have delegates achieving sales in the £1,000's and being commissioned internationally already".

Emily and Hannah hold nothing back from this group. This is a FULL ACCESS COURSE- they want you to succeed, and they can make that happen!
















This just happen to one of our 2022 1 Year delegates:

"I’m in shock… Just had a £1200 sale plus £295 shoot fee 😱 I thought this viewing would be good but wasn’t expecting that! She bought an extra frame, an album and digitals!"











The Syllabus

Take a look through the Syllabus and imagine how your business would look after completing all of this.

Who's perfect for this course?

You need to be full of motivation, enthusiam and drive to have a thriving equine photography business.  

This programme concentrates on taking control of your business and photography.  

If you are anything like Emily and Hannah, you want your business to be recognised and renowned for the highest quality of service, experience and outstanding creativity, delivered with passion and confidence.

""I just wanted to let you know that I drove to Surrey today for an equine shoot. I found the lady on Facebook weeks ago and I noticed that she had a pretty grey eventer. Her Facebook profile picture doesn’t do her justice though and she had 3, not 1, stunning horses..... and a very beautiful yard and location. The reason for the note though is that I wanted to say a huge thank you!! The way I approached this shoot was so different following on from our session with Maria and the results are fantastic (for where I am on this journey at least) - I am absolutely delighted with them. I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to go through it with me - I’m so pleased that it’s finally started to sink in 😊!! On a separate note (and I have been meaning to say this for a long time) I think you and Hannah are such a great combination and so generous with your time, knowledge and enthusiasm. This course is already one of the best things I’ve ever done. My objective from the last 2 days was to find a beautiful lady and horse - I’ve smashed that and had absolutely no idea that it was coming!! Have a lovely weekend both - I’m buzzing 😁 xx "

Jennifer Gillam
Full Time Equine Photographer

Imagine this...

You turn up to a beautiful yard, big automatic gates welcome you down a tree lined drive. You arrive on the yard, which is impeccably kept, with smart stables and top quality facilities and you are filled with excitement for the shoot - this is going to be incredible. 

You meet your client, she is dressed in designer clothes, has a stunning collection of outfits and the most gorgeous horse. She values you and what you do and trusts you implicitly with capturing her relationship with her horse.

It doesn't matter if the sun is shining or hidden behind a cloud, you know how to confidently manage light and create beautiful portraits for your clients. You know how to find the best backdrops and locations and how you will structure the shoot. 

During the shoot your settings are second nature, you are in complete control and know how to direct your client through every pose. 

After the shoot, you edit your images. It's easy because each image is correctly composed, with distractions eliminated and perfectly exposed. You select the cream of the crop to present to your client and know that they will love their images. 

At the viewing there is no hard sell - they adore their images and want all the digitals, an album and frames. It is a big sale, and there is no doubt in your mind that you are 100% worth it.

This could be your reality, but only if you are brave enough to make it happen

This course is £495 per month for 12 months.

Click the link below and fill out our 'I'm Interested' form and we will be in touch to book you on the course and answer any questions you may have.

What kit do I need for this course?

  • Bring all the camera gear you have (no lighting needed)  
  • Ideally you will have a zoom lens
  • Lots of card space for each session, at least 30GB  
  • Fully charged batteries and spares  
  • Laptop and card reader  
  • Wellies or good solid boots  
  • Warm outdoor clothing  
  • Pocket notepad and pen (for on location)  
  • A packet of Polo mints (optional but will make you very popular with the horses)

The ONLY course of its kind in the WORLD

This course is the only course of its type available to equine photographers. Once it starts, it is too late to join so don't delay!

Course Dates 2022/2023

6th & 7th September

22nd & 23rd November 

24th & 25th January 

14th & 15th March

16th & 17th May

3rd & 4th July

Be Brave

This course is £495 per month for 12 months.

Click the link below and fill out our 'I'm Interested' form and we will be in touch to book you on the course and answer any questions you may have.


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